When you read cookware reviews what do you look for?

I feel terribly out of step with times. It is not as if I have not been going out for shopping or going through online sites for various household items. But when it comes to technologies that are rapidly being incorporated in these things, I feel a bit dazed. I was just reading through some of the posts on this site and I thought have they come up with such technologies? One thing I am glad about is, we no longer have to use only certain type of plastics or glass in our oven. We can even use the cookware in ovens.

But when so much is being offered, I still look for basics, such as likelihood of health problems with the cookware, and any problems with handles and lids. My experience with cookware has shown that pots and pans should not be too heavy and yet they should not be so light that food gets burnt in them. My daughter is also insisting that I buy an induction stove. If I buy that, I will not be able to use some of my old cookware as the base need to be flat.


I am just contemplating purchasing a cookware set for me, along with an induction stove. I’d rather have an entire set instead of buying one piece from this set and another piece from another set. So here I am going through this review and I feel All-Clad’s BD005710-RD5 is perhaps more suited to my needs though I would have liked some non-stick variety. This set is made from bonded steel. There are five ply’s in this with stainless steel and aluminum alternating. This will certainly make the set more durable and cooking more even. The stainless steel is brushed stainless steel. The shape and design are for induction cooking. Having said that, this set may require more oil, and food may stick to it, despite new technologies used in making it.

Out of the nonstick cookware section, I prefer Calphalon’s 10 pieces set. This set is made from aluminum that is hard anodized. Internally, there is non-stick coating as well. In fact two such coatings. The tempered glass lids make it perfect for ovens.

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