Kitchen Table Ideas

Kitchen tables have a way of becoming the focal point of a busy home. Keys and mail get dropped on them, the kids do homework at them, and parties always seem to move into the kitchen at some point.

When looking at kitchen tables keep in mind just how much yours will be used from day to day. Kids and pets, with crayons, claws, and accidents, may mean that you need to select from sturdy tables that don’t mar as easily.
kitchen table
Kitchen tables can be made of wood or metal, have tops made of glass or marble, be round, square or rectangular, and seat four or twenty. If you will be using your table to entertain as well, perhaps a table with a removable leaf or extension is best for you. If your kitchen or family is small and you don’t spend much time there, perhaps small round tables are where to start.

Also consider the rest of your kitchen design when looking at kitchen tables. Glass top tables will go with any decor, while dark oak will look awkward with light maple cabinetry. Don’t look at heavy, decorative tables when the rest of your kitchen is sleek and modern. The materials and style should compliment each other without competing against or cluttering the overall design.
dining table
If you think that you might be remodeling your kitchen in the near future, look at kitchen tables that match a variety of styles. Stick to simple, sleek designs and remember that you can always paint or stain your table to match a new color scheme.

Kitchen tables are important to the design and usefulness of your kitchen. They can easily compliment or overwhelm the room and are a great way to embody your personal style. Don’t skimp or settle when you choose your table because you may be spending a lot of time at it. If you choose a table you love you’ll always enjoy using it.

Who Else Also Loves the Aroma Rice Cooker?

Rice has been my family’s favorite meal and yet my most frustrating dish to cook. This is because despite all my efforts to keep checking and controlling the heat, the rice still came out over cooked, undercooked or dry. It wasn’t until a friend recommended a good Aroma rice cooker that my rice started to come out looking and tasting like a professional chef did it. This digital pot uses remarkable sensor logic technology thanks to the inbuilt microcomputer that ensures optimum temperature for every level of cooking. After the rice is well and done, the rice cooker automatically switches to keep warm until you are ready to serve.
My rice cooker is able to handle up to eight cups of cooked rice which is good enough for me but Aroma has a big rice cooker that handles up to twenty cups in case you have guests. As if that is not enough it comes with accessories to help your experience come to perfection. These accessories include a measuring cup, serving spatula, recipe booklet and coupons for the best rice in town. My favorite accessory however is the steam tray that I use to steam veggies or meat while the rice is cooking underneath there.

Aroma rice cooker is meant for the digital people who are busy like me. It has four digital controls that enable me to put my rice in, set the timer and go do something else. These controls cater for white rice, steam, brown rice and keep also has a 15 hour delay timer that I use when I know I will be late so it gets cooking before I get home.

The best part of all is that I use this Aroma rice cooker to cook perfect soup, meat and stew while my veggies steam slowly on the doubles up as a perfect food steamer because it prevents excess condensation so my food retain all the nutrients and flavor. It’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe and the best investment I have ever made.

Best Knife Sharpening Stones Vary from Job to Job

Maintaining a sharp knife is an important skill for any cook. But as we also have artists and campers in our family, keeping different types of blades sharp has become an issue for us. We needed to not only find the best knife sharpening stones, but also to learn how to properly sharpen each type of knife.

knife sharpening stones

My personal favorite knife sharpening tool is a bench stone. I like that I can lay the stone flat in front of me, and just focus on holding the knife at the right angle to sharpen the edge evenly. I was taught to sharpen blades using a circular motion while holding the knife almost parallel to the stone, and this is easy to do when using a bench stone.

My daughter, on the other hand, prefers to use a hand-held knife sharpener she inherited from her grandfather. This gadget has two sharpening rods that are held at angles to one another, in a boxy case. The built-in hand guard prevents her from putting her hand in the way of the blade, which as a mother is a safety feature that I can give a definite thumbs up!

The sharpening tool my daughter uses has ceramic rods, which was definitely a new thing for me. I had been used to working with a carbide oil stone – a sharpening stone that needs to be lubricated with a little oil in order to help clear away all the fine metal particles that are created in the process of sharpening the knife blade.

Which are the best knife sharpening stones? If you asked a dozen experts, you’d get a dozen answers! Each has his own preferences, and recommendations vary depending on what kind of blade you need to maintain. The best knife sharpening stones for an all-purpose kitchen knife like a Henckels International Classic blade won’t be the same as the stones I would want to use for a serrated hunting knife, or even a very basic Victorinox bread knife.

We finally settled for keeping several sharpening tools in the house. My daughter’s ceramic knife sharpener probably gets the most use. But we also make good use of our bench stone, and of a butcher’s steel for honing our knives as well. Each sharpening job gets its own treatment, and if we don’t like the results we’re getting, we can experiment with a different approach!

Try these super automatic espresso machines

espresso machine
If you are a coffee enthusiast, it does not necessarily mean that you have the time to program your espresso machine each time you want to use it. In fact, most coffee lovers do not have that much time on their hands. It is for this reason that you should try one of the best super automatic espresso machine.

1. Saeco Philips Xelsis EVO

This is one machine I love to say has multiple personalities, and not in the psycho ways you may be thinking. It is the kind of machine that blends in to whatever lifestyle you have at the moment. It is even great for office coffee needs! It is highly programmable and has many different user profiles that allow each user to chose their own preferences. It has an auto-frothing system to ensure it will only pour a specific amount of milk and water, just as you like it. You can even make your own steamed milk!

2. Breville Barista Express

This is, probably, the same machine you will find at your favorite coffee shop. It is very attractive because of its sleek design. What makes it a great buy, however is its great price. You can get it at $650 and if you buy it on sale, it could go for much less. It is a great machine because of its quality and value. These qualities have made it a high selling machine even in the best online retailers.

3. DeLonghi Magnifica

This is the best automatic espresso machine for the home. It is designed to fit your kitchen counter top and has a design that is guaranteed to complement your kitchen décor. The water reservoir is in front of the machine, which is very convenient because you won’t have to move the machine to refill it. It is made of great quality material giving you a long life of service.

When you read cookware reviews what do you look for?

I feel terribly out of step with times. It is not as if I have not been going out for shopping or going through online sites for various household items. But when it comes to technologies that are rapidly being incorporated in these things, I feel a bit dazed. I was just reading through some of the posts on this site and I thought have they come up with such technologies? One thing I am glad about is, we no longer have to use only certain type of plastics or glass in our oven. We can even use the cookware in ovens.

But when so much is being offered, I still look for basics, such as likelihood of health problems with the cookware, and any problems with handles and lids. My experience with cookware has shown that pots and pans should not be too heavy and yet they should not be so light that food gets burnt in them. My daughter is also insisting that I buy an induction stove. If I buy that, I will not be able to use some of my old cookware as the base need to be flat.


I am just contemplating purchasing a cookware set for me, along with an induction stove. I’d rather have an entire set instead of buying one piece from this set and another piece from another set. So here I am going through this review and I feel All-Clad’s BD005710-RD5 is perhaps more suited to my needs though I would have liked some non-stick variety. This set is made from bonded steel. There are five ply’s in this with stainless steel and aluminum alternating. This will certainly make the set more durable and cooking more even. The stainless steel is brushed stainless steel. The shape and design are for induction cooking. Having said that, this set may require more oil, and food may stick to it, despite new technologies used in making it.

Out of the nonstick cookware section, I prefer Calphalon’s 10 pieces set. This set is made from aluminum that is hard anodized. Internally, there is non-stick coating as well. In fact two such coatings. The tempered glass lids make it perfect for ovens.

Why You Need A Kitchen Block Knife Set Today

Whether you’re a kitchen newbie who’s culinary skills are limited to toasting toast and toasting a nice glass of wine, or a full-blown, Julia Child/Martha Stewart-hybrid chef who actually uses a melon baller, you need a good kitchen knife set. Now I’m probably in the middle of that spectrum. I mean, I know what a melon baller is, but that’s only because I used to sell Tupperware. (Yes. Really.)
kitchen knife
Before I started really cooking, I only had an old chef’s knife and a little one for cheese. Back then, that was all I needed since my diet was a steady stream of cheese sandwiches, and if I was feeling fancy: an occasional grilled cheese sammich. Now that I’m now longer a starving college kid, I’ve moved on to pan-seared steaks and a block set of kitchen knives where each one serves a unique purpose.

When I started shopping around for a good knife set, I had no clue what to look for or what to stay away from so I did quite a bit of research and rather than reading tons of knife sets reviews like me, you can just keep reading because I’ve done it all for you. You’re welcome.

So which knife set should you invest in? Here’s what I learned: stick with the German or Japanese knife companies. Just like cars from those countries, their knives are similarly well made, finely crafted, and if cared for properly, can last a lifetime. Great German brands are JA Henckles or Wusthof (pronounced voo-stoff) and a couple Japanese makers are Global and Shun.

While I’ve tried all of the brands I’ve mentioned over the years, and all of them are fantastic, I finally settled on a Wusthof knife set and I absolutely swear by them. Here’s why: they just can’t be beat! Whether I’m slicing, dicing, or making julienne fries, these knives make quick work of nearly any kitchen task. Except for opening a jar of pickles, that’s what t-shirts are for. Wusthof has a great starter knife set that includes a large and small chef’s knife, slicing knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. All great knives for any kitchen, great or small.

So take my advice, go get yourself a Wusthof knife set right now. Yes, right now! In the words of Gwen Stefani, “Whatchu waitin for?”.